Adnan Syed: Innocent Or Guilty?

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Did you know that a man named Adnan Syed has been in jail for over fifteen years, for the murder of a woman named Hae Min Lee, and several friends and family members are still fighting for him to be released out of jail? In 1999 a seventeen year old boy, Adnan Syed, was convicted for the murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee. Hae’s body was found in Leakin Park; a place where many people are found dead and bodies are usually disposed there. This case had no physical or DNA evidence, just testimonies. Even after fifteen years of being in jail, Adnan still claims he is innocent. Adnan explains that day as much as he and always says that it was just a normal day for him. Adnan has kept his innocence of all those years. He never once was remorseful;…show more content…
The leader of this group, named Deirdre, said that scanning extra objects for DNA is important, ”When I talked to DNA experts that they were saying, ‘Yeah, I mean, if you swab that and get some skin cells or saliva and it’s just random, you get no hit on anybody, well then it neither here nor there.’ But they were saying, ‘but if put it in and you get a hit on a serial killer… well now you got enough to charge and convict somebody.’ So what you call relevant and irrelevant you can only do once you have a test result” (111). Deirdre likes to test anything that could possibly lead them to another suspect in the crime. Not everyone in the detective business is, however, not like her. In this case they left other objects pthat could have been tested untested. Their could have been DNA, like hair or saliva, left on those objectives. The detectives didn’t know if the objects were 100% not going to have any DNA on it. There was no way for them to find, or understand this, unless they tested these objects. Nevertheless, this isn’t the only time that they had pushed away any possible evidence for DNA testing. Deirdre’s crew found that, “A lab report says they recovered nucleated epithelial cells from the mouth of the bottle and from the cap. But that’s all. It just says, ‘retained for future possible analysis.’ … They never tested those cells for DNA... Mario didn’t like the report on the fibers. Two fibers, one, reddish, that was found near Hae’s head and one that I think was fluorescent blue... that was found underneath her, in the soil. Mario didn’t think they were tested against enough samples. For instance. They weren’t tested against a rope that was found right near the body” (110-111). The detectives had found something that, kind of, peaked their

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