Adnan Syed: Innocent Or Guilty?

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The ex boyfriend who’s name was Adnan Syed was accused of killing his girlfriend but claims that he is innocent and he’s trying to make himself not seem guilty. Adnan Syed is the murder of killing Hae Lee who is his ex girlfriend. Hae lee went missing on January 13, 1999. Four weeks later her body as found in Linkin Park. The case was towards Adnan Syed, who was convicted and sent to jail for life for the murder. Body paragraph 1 will explain the cell records ( ep.4), body paragraph 2 will explain the Nisha call (ep.6), body paragraph 3 will explain Jay corroboration (ep.5), and the rest of the evidence will provide more on Adnan Syed being guilty. In addition the first piece of evidence will provide a witness who mentions perfectly Adnan. …show more content…

“Adnan spoke to some girl in Silver Spring.” Her name was Nisha. It was that girl Adnan had been flirting with. And Adnan briefly put Jay on the phone with her. And the reason this is so important is for two reasons. One, it’s the only call in this stretch of time that’s to someone Adnan knew, rather than a friend of Jay’s. And, it puts Jay and Adnan together in the middle of the afternoon, when Adnan says he was not with Jay, he was back at school. In the March 18 itinerary, there’s a note about the Nisha call. That Adnan handed the phone to Jay at the golf course on West Forest Park Avenue.(Episode 5; route talk). The Nisha call was only for Adnan which means Adnan only knew Nisha because he was flirting with her. Jay doesn’t know Nisha and apparently Nisha is another witness who recall that Adnan had killed Hae Lee. Nisha Call happens at 3:32pm. Smack in the middle of the afternoon. The prosecution makes much of this call at closing, and I can see why.(Ep.6). Furthermore, this shows witnesses claiming to hear about the same thing about Adnan Syed. Nisha was just a girl who only knew Adnan and when she called the detectives they knew it was true because she didn’t know

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