Adnan Syed Monologue

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Has your ex-girlfriend ever gone missing and then a few weeks later you get charged with her murder? No? Really? Weird. You sure? It happened to me last week. We were in international waters at the time on an unregistered boat so no government can convict me. Well, this is also what happened to Adnan Syed. In 1999, Hae Min Lee disappeared from the town of Baltimore, Maryland, but no one was truly worried. She was a bit of a loose cannon and was rumored to have went to her father in California. Six weeks later, a man found her bodied buried in Leakin Park. After a police investigation, Adnan was tried and found guilty of killing Hae. But is that what really happened? Based on the evidence provided, there is reason to suspect that Adnan Syed did not kill Hae Min Lee.…show more content…
I know it. You know it. Adnan knows it. Hae knows it. He knows it. The killer knows it. Obama knows it. I know it. We all know it. Second, Jay could have done it. He simply knows too much. Also, who names their kid Jay? It’s a letter not a name. Only killers refer to themselves as letters. Look at the Joker. He’s commonly called Mr. J. Isn't that convenient. Plus, Jay has three letters, Mr. J has three letters, and this is the third paragraph. Three threes? You know a triangle has three sides. This confirms that the illuminati is involved in this murder. Third, some random person could have done it. You could of done it. I could have done it. Adnan could have done it. The Zodiac Killer could have done it. A baby could have done it. The person looking at through the window could have done it. The Illuminati definitely had something to do with it. Obama could have done it. Ted Cruz could have done it, but I’m repeating myself. There’s simply no way of knowing. Now, some may say that Adnan did do it. I like to think that they are wrong. (End
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