Adnan Syed: The Murder Of Hae Min Lee

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On February 9th, 1999, Hae Min Lee’s body was found buried in a shallow grave in Leakin Park––death by strangulation. Later that year, an innocent man by the name of Adnan Syed was convicted on an extremely shaky case for the murder of this young girl. However incriminating the call records may appear at first glance, Adnan Syed, with an alibi to prove his innocence, had no motive to kill Hae Min Lee. To put it simply, Adnan Syed had no reason to murder Hae. After the couple split up, multiple witnesses confirmed that Adnan did not seem to be ridiculously or unusually upset; it was merely another high school breakup. They had both moved on with their love lives. Hae was dating a boy named Don and Adnan was seeing Nisha. Adnan was not a crazy,

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