Adnan Syed's Case: The Serial Killer

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The Serial Killer
Adnan Syed’s case was skewed against his innocence in the Hae Min Lee murder Case. The police and detectives came up with unreasonable reasons for Syed’s will to kill Lee, and they constantly backed up their theories with invalid testimonies of others. However, many of the theories against Adnan could be supported through phone records and alibis. There is one issue with the conviction of Syed. Syed repeats his innocence by saying, “I had no reason to kill her” (Koenig Episode 1). Murder is the result of a violent drive or hatred from an individual. Adnan did not have this drive. Although many theories have led to the conviction of Adnan Syed, the insufficient evidence supporting his guilt lacked reason, consistency, and reliability leaving the possibility behind of a third person being involved, a serial killer.
One of the hardest things to fathom is what drove Adnan to strangle Hae. Police officials kept coming back to the fact that Adnan was the ex-boyfriend, but this doesn’t hold much value when Syed claims the break-up was mutual and they continued to be friends despite breaking up (Koenig Episode 2). Mutual breakups typically don’t end up in rage against one another, which is why the theory of Adnan being guilty is so hard to believe. If he had no bad feelings toward her then there would be no motive for him to kill her in the first place. In addition to the motive issue behind Adnan’s conviction, Adnan repeatedly claims that he did not

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