Adnan's Dying Case Study

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Was Adnan Syed, a teenage Muslim from Woodlawn High School, responsible for the death of Hae Min Lee? In the podcast series Serial, Sarah Koenig explains the events of 17-year-old Hae Min Lee’s death. She was contended dead at 2:36, only 21 minutes after the release bell of the school day. Through many difficult days of investigating, Koenig discovers ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed and acquaintance Jay Wilds together on the day of Lee’s disappearance, January 13th, 1999. Jay has told court officials that he believes Adnan is guilty of Hae’s murder, but Syed and other testimonies disagree. Adnan was put behind bars and has been in jail ever since. So the question; was Adnan’s trial a fair one? No, Adnan Syed is everything but guilty. It would be impossible for him to be able to strangle Hae in 21 minutes after the final release bell of school. Plus, Adnan doesn’t remember much of that certain day, the day of her death wasn’t important enough to him to remember it clearly. Lastly, a testimony from Asia McClain claims that she spoke to Adnan at the library 2:15 on January 13th. There might be a few reasons to hint to his guilt, but the evidence of his innocence outshines that greatly. First…show more content…
In conclusion, Adnan is innocent because of how short the time frame of Hae’s death and school ending was, how Adnan barely can remember anything from the day of her disappearance, and because of Asia McClain’s testimony. Even though Adnan wasn’t the perfect Muslim son, he is overall innocent because at the time, everyone else was doing what Adnan was doing. He was a normal teenager, living a normal teenager life. In the end, Adnan is still very much innocent but he still faced life in prison. Unfortunately, there are times when bad things happen to good people. However, he is receiving a new trail. Adnan will get the chance to redo his life after spending 16 years in prison. He claims to have learned from his time behind bars, became a better Muslim, and learned to appreciate life
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