Check In System Case Study

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Performance reviews give way to ‘Check-In’ system at Adobe Performance reviews have been followed in most companies across the world since the 1930s. However, this process came under a cloud of criticism several times. According to Bob Sutton, a business management professor at Stanford University, the process of employee ranking leads to an environment that creates unethical competition among employees, thereby killing their morale. So, quite naturally, Donna Morris—Senior Vice President of People and Places at Adobe—was upset about the company’s age-old performance review system. Although Adobe gained recognition for its new-age technology and services, it relied completely on its age-old performance reviews system to assess its employees.…show more content…
With the new system in place, people at Adobe are encouraged to set expectations for every year, receive regular feedback, and come up with a plan for personal development and growth. The check-in system Adobe’s new check-in system is based on the following three elements: • Expectation: It is a collaborative and two-way conversation between employees and their managers. Under this element, each employee comes up with his/her own expectation and shares it with his/her manager. All expectations are not only documented but also comprehended better between the employee and manager. • Feedback: Employees should know about their performance. Apart from regular feedback, employees get quarterly reminders to evaluate their expectations. Besides, special sessions on receiving and giving feedback are conducted. • Development and growth: Every employee is responsible for his/her career and personal development. Employees are asked to think how they can grow in their present roles and go for an open dialogue to discuss their future roles. More importance to the process…not to the

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