Adolescence: The Influence Of Music, Music And Popular Culture

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What is adolescence? Adolescence, in accordance to the dictionary, is the transitional period between puberty and adulthood and terms of human development; it is the line between innocence and experience; it is that pivotal but fleeting moment in life that everyone of us goes through. It is true and obvious that adolescents right now are, in most aspects, different to adolescents back then. Time, circumstances, and advancements are just some of the facets contributing to change. But how far do these differences go exactly? Should we consider the past generation inferior due to their lack of technology back then or is the present generation now self-absorbed and should return to much simpler times like before? The survey conducted by our group is aimed for young adults and adults alike to compare one with the other. We touch upon what we think are the subjects strongly influences popular culture, namely: music, fashion, romantic relationship, lifestyle and career choices. According to our survey, 80% thinks that music back then is much better compared to music right now. When asked about this, they reason that it is mostly because the lyrics of songs back then have more content and meaning in comparison to the repetitive verses in songs we hear now. Music genres evolved and branched-out over the decades. According to, jazz, blues and country were consistent during the 1920 's to 1940 's; it wasn 't until the 1950 's that the

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