Adolescent Concussion Bibliography

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Terri Allen
Professor Roddy
English 1302
17 October 2016

Annotated Bibliography Apps, Jennifer N, and Kevin D. Walter. Pediatric and Adolescent Concussion: Diagnosis, Management, and Outcomes. New York, NY, Springer,
Jennifer Apps is a pediatric neuropsychologist and assistant director of research in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Behavior Sciences at the Medical College of Wisconsin. According to her book, with an increase in sports affiliated concussions among children, it has become necessary for practitioners to understand how to go about handling age appropriate assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the concussions. It is also critical
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In the case of children, this injury would be observed to affect their delicate and not fully developed brains in a more severe state even resulting in death. This book aims at exposing the National Football League governing the body of knowing the dire outcomes of prolonged football playing and their efforts to thwart research that points towards this…show more content…
She has experience training and dealing with sports individuals that have had injuries in the process of play and conducting exercises. It is important to examine the extent of the injury attained at an early stage as she notes to avoid further harm. The author had extensive experience and had to research on the most appropriate measures and response strategies whenever an injury occurs in the playing process. The research provides valuable information on possible injuries that will affect a player, their impacts on health and the most appropriate preventive
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