Essay On Adolescence As A Social Problem

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1. Addressing the educational Issue:
Adolescents are the greatest asset for the present and future development of any country.
22% of of the total population of Bangladesh are adolescents and out of that 42 % are girls. Weight of education among girls is 33% but it is 50% among boys. But a big portion of girls get drop out before reaching Class 10. These girls are involved in various house hold activities or are forced to get married at a very early age.
They have the potential to become ‘human capital’ and contribute positively towards development. However, in developing countries like Bangladesh, they are also one of the most vulnerable groups. In these countries, for only a privileged group, the period of adolescence is marked by sound health and stable family conditions. Nevertheless, it can also be a period of vulnerabilities because of intense and rapid transitions to new roles and responsibilities as caretakers, workers, spouses, or even parents (Chong etal. 2006). Bangladesh still can not afford to render sufficient opportunities for young people to build their human capital through access to high quality learning or through smooth entry into job market where they can develop skills (World Development Report 2007).
It can also be a period of vulnerabilities because of
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The majority of adolescent members of ADP come from poor families, and lacks the ability to bear the expenses of tutorial support outside their school.To address this issue, ADP started TIA to support the poor girls in continuing their education. ADP developed a group of tutors who provides tutorial support for a minimum charge or on a voluntary basis to these poor girls. These tutors received training and refresher courses on how to deliver course contents relating to secondary level Science, Mathematics and English to their respective

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