Essay On Bulimia Nervosa

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The years of adolescence is one of the most challenging times for many families. This is because the year of adolescence is the times when adolescents develop values of their own, look for a sense of belonging, and explore with beliefs different from their parents. Many adolescents struggle with mental illnesses with underlying depression and anxiety because of the susceptibility to different types of pressures. The pressures experienced by adolescents are pressures from the adolescent's surroundings, family, and friends. Adolescents are at an age in which people are vulnerable. Being this vulnerable can lead adolescents down into crossroads while trying to find out their self worth, strengths and independence apart from their families. While on the search of figuring out who they are apart from their families, adolescents look in wrong places for approval separate themselves from a given identify by their families, and will come off as rebellious. The stigma of rebellion among adolescents than become a mask covering up underlying problems such as mental disorders/illnesses. Many of these adolescents go untreated and left out in the
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Bulimia Nervosa is when the adolescent is eating and will then throw up after every meal. Bulimia nervosa is caused by the adolescent negatively viewing themselves physically and in fear of being overweight even though they were not. On the other hand, anorexia is when the adolescent start limiting their calorie intake far below the dietary need, or skipping meals altogether. Bringing awareness of the mental illness (eating disorders) among adolescents is important because adolescents are susceptible to influences from external forces such as the media, family, and friends and with so much pressure and needing acceptance from all of these external forces, adolescents suffer higher mortality rates (Marchi and Cohen,

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