Factors Affecting Adolescent Identity Formation

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Adolescents find their identity in a multitude of ways, in this writing, I’ll be explaining how some find their identity. Then I’ll explain how identity can be hindered due to everyday problems. You also will find out about some theories that are still accepted today how identity development. Adolescents often find their identity based on what they find out throughout today’s world. They will often experiment with different roles they learn about in various social settings. These could be things such as sports, church, school, and others. Children will experiment so they can feel unique and their need to fit in. Adolescents need to explore to solve the identity crisis and reach a stable sense of identity. This will help them create a stable identity for their future, which will help them build relationships and adapt to the adult world. A person’s identity can be changed on their religious beliefs.(Mercadal,2013) This can determine how an adolescents will spend their time depending on how religious they are. There was a theory made by Marcia that a person’s identity can be made through…show more content…
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