Adolescence Identity Formation

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Identity formation is firm foundation for adolescence and it is central development concern and issue of adolescence. Every child want to develop her own identities or at least it take first step to identifies her own identities in that stage we called as adolescence stage on age 11 to 19 year. School is the important context to emerge adolescence identity formation. School environment might be supportive to adolescence for developmental task of identity formation. School environment consider in term of pedagogy, social, organizational and other component. School environment emphasis on physical development of adolescence. Educational planner, educator and all other factor are creating school environment that support adolescence identity…show more content…
Student are engage in activities and program that are run by school that can be help them to discover their abilities and further development. Particularly in peer interaction, social interaction and interpersonal relationship are formed in school. School areas become exploration and socialization for adolescence to experiment with different role, relation and value. We saw in practicum the teacher gives good appreciation to student for completing the homework that appreciation make happiness on child face. So the positive feedback play important role of adolescence identity…show more content…
School are helpful to emerge choice and decision making ability of adolescence which is the first sign of identity formation. We saw in practicum when we asked what do you want to do in future? The child replay that I want to became engineer. Because I want to make tall building. In this answer we saw that the child had ability to make decision for selecting the career path. That shows the school play major role for developing task of adolescence identity formation. School structure, their environment, interaction with teachers and peer, all these provide social and emotional experience with long term implication of identity. Psychological environment of school might be support of adolescence to gives independencies and autonomy and these environment encourage social interaction and sense of community in school. The new technology could be integrated the physical environment that are facilitated school connection to the outside world and broad exploration opportunities of adolescence to forming her

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