Adolf Eichmann Evil

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Justice Served Cold
Heartless and cold, one man had the power to wipe out a race. He attempted genocide in the 1940’s and all of it done with no feelings or regrets. Known as the notorious killer, and one of Hitler’s henchman, Adolf Eichmann assisted in the mass murder of Jews. Adolf Eichmann had a slightly abnormal childhood. As he neared adulthood all of the power rushed to his head when he joined the Nazi party. After the war, Eichmann lost all his power and was later brought to justice. Eichmann will be forever known for his cruelty against the Jewish race. He was responsible for the millions of Jews killed and the attempted genocide of the Jewish race.
Brought into the world in 1906 in Solingen Germany, Adolf Eichmann had a normal Childhood
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After his treacherous Childhood, Adolf Eichmann began a career of evil that would take the lives of millions of men,women, and children. Within adulthood, Adolf Eichmann began his career as a Nazi. Adolf Eichmann attended a Nazi party assembly and quickly was hooked. Adolf Eichmann was quick to join, Influenced by the propaganda and the powerful speeches. To join the Nazi party was very popular back then. Throughout his career, Eichmann worked his way to the top and built up his reputation. Adolf Eichmann started out as a filing clerk. He was assigned specially to the Jewish section where he learned all about Jewish culture. In 1939, Adolf Eichmann was transferred to a department regarding Jewish affairs. Eichmann became increasingly fascinated by the Jews. He studied their culture and language. During his career, Eichmann also made many Achievements that pleased the Nazis. As adolf Eichmann advanced throughout his Nazi career, he was promoted and his office was the headquarters for the “final solution.” Adolf Eichmann reported to Heinrich Himmler When 11 million Jews had been killed. This pleased him even though Reinhard Heydrich told Eichmann a “no gassing” policy. Eichmann ignored that and still continued to be the ruthless killer he was. When the war ended, Eichmann had to pay for his crimes, so he was going to be prosecuted in front of the Israeli
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