Adolf Hitler And Anti-Semitism: Discrimination Against The Jews

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Anti–Semitism is hostility or prejudice against Jews as a religious or ethnic group (Allswang, 1985). This racism was the cause of the shocking discriminations against the Jewish people. This is a discrimination is form which can be traced by the early years of Christianity (F. Jackson and K. Lake, Beginning of Christianity, 5 vols. 1920-33). In the era of Adolf Hitler, hatred towards the Jews had led to genocide. Between 1948-1935, six million Jews were killed as a result of this (Charney, 2000). Adolf Hitler became leader of Germany - to May 8, 1945, when the war in Europe officially ended. During theses time, Jews in Europe were exposed to progressively harsher persecution that ultimately led to the murder of 6,000,000 Jews (1.5 million of these being children) and the destruction of 5,000 Jewish people (Holocaust Memorial Center,2015). These deaths symbolized two-thirds of European Jewry and one-third of all world Jewry(Holocaust Memorial Center,2015). The discrimination tactics was employed against Jews when Hitler was appointed as the chancellor of Germany on…show more content…
(Geary, 2000). Among the discrimination against the Jews during the era of Adolf Hitler was forcing the Jews to sew the star of David on the external part of the cloths, introduced the Nuremberg Law and Jews were prohibited from moving freely around Germany. The first discrimination against Jews was they were forced to sew a yellow star of David at the external part of the cloths. The yellow star of David is a star which is painted in black on yellow cloth which is the size of a palm of a hand and has six sharp corners (Vashem, 1942). The forcing of Jews to wear a yellow star as a symbol was Nazi

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