Adolf Hitler And Napoleon Bonaparte Comparison

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There were many differences between Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte, however there seems to be more similarities than differences. Hitler ruled for 12 years, he not only changed Germany, but also Europe since then. Napoleon ruled for 10 years inventing a new order which is still used today. Hitler served as a Gerfreiter (Lance Corpal) in the Bavarian army during World War II. Napoleon served as a 2nd lietieunant of artillery for the France Military during the French Revolution. However, Hitler compared to Napoleon was only a common foot solider whom had more skills than it took to operate a squad; Whereas Napoleon actually had military skills to accomplish what he originally set out to do. He work his up the military hierarchy. The people of Germany were tired of inflation, threats of invasion or war, and preferred military…show more content…
However their speed of war did not go unnoticed by the world, it is still something both are very well known for. Hitler took over the Netherlands, Holland, Belgium, and France in just 25 days, under his personal command and planning conquered all of Poland in just 24 days. Napoleon conquered most of Austria and all of sardine in just nine days, he later conquered more of Austria and Italy in less than a year. Bother Hitler and Napoleon took much from the countries they invaded such as, weapons, supplies, and art. Hitler and Napoleon both followed these victories with much larger and faster wars. In conclusion, Napoleon and Hitler have many similarities but one standing difference to this day; Hitler’s feelings towards the Jews, but napoleon believed that their religions should be removed, placing them all on the same level as Protestants and Catholics. Napoleon hoped to persuade Jews from all over the world to settle in

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