Adolf Hitler And The Nazi Party

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The average German worker had supported Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party because both Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party had appealed to what the average German workers had wanted. After World War I, Germany had experienced a hyperinflation as a result of all the war reparations. The entire German population had become crazed as they were trying to make money in order to purchase food and other basic necessities. The middle class, or the average Germans, had lost their entire life savings as the value of the German mark had decreased to the point that it was literally nothing. The German mark had become just worthless paper. “They had to sell their most precious belongings for ten [million] inflated marks to buy a bit of food or an absolutely necessary coat…”(Document…show more content…
However, not only did the German mark decrease in value, but the people lost all their pride and dignity as they struggled to survive. It was then that they began to blame both the Jews and Communists, who were the enemies of the Germans. Furthermore, many of the international financiers at the time were Jewish and the Germans believed that the Jews had exploited the Germans. Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party were people that also supported this belief that blamed the Jews and the Communists for the cause of the German hyperinflation and so, the German citizens were quick to support Adolf Hitler as they had to put their faith and trust somewhere during a time when they desperately needed help. “They never forgot and never forgave and were the first to lend a willing ear to Hitler's fervent preaching”
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