Adolf Hitler And The Neo-Nazism Movement And NPD

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Neo-Nazism Movement & NPD

Nazism (National Socialism)

To understand what are parties like NDP first we need to undestand Nazism, that has always been a thing the world hated after the World War II but this ideology in fact has changed the world theres no denying it. The idea of Nazism or with full name National Socialism came from Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party called NSDAP or National Socialist German Workers’ Party. Adolf Hitler as the leader of NSDAP took the control of the entire country in 1933 and got rid of everyone who is opposing him or the party. Became a dictator and forced people to accept him as the Führer.The National Socialism is inspired by the fascism ideology that created in Italy with the leadership of Benito Mussolini.
The Nazism consisted of a high level of racism, trying to create the ultimate White Aryan race. This race of Germans was superior to all other races and White Aryan race’s place was very important to mankind and the danger for this race was considered Jews. According to Nazism ideology every institution and systems in the world that belonged to capitalism was created and led by Jews, and these Jews were a parasite to every other nation especially to the Aryan race. For national socialists, causes were not only economic but they were breaking the purity of the German race and making Germans lose their personalities as German. In Third Reich, German people were forbidden to marry the members of Jewish race and other races as well. To
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