Adolf Hitler Born Evil Analysis

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Adolf Hitler is one of the most known names from our history. Hitler can very well be considered the epitome of all evil. One may agree with this theory, but was he born to be cruel and inconsiderate for no reason, to blame and take the life of hundreds if not thousands of innocent Jews? Now if one puts that in perspective, is he/she born evil or are you form to be cruel. Hitler was obviously not born evil, at one point it was a young man lost to find his path. Nature did not make Hitler what he is known for today, the nurture he received in a vulnerable state of mind is the cause of his madness. Adolf Hitler did not start his young life hating Jews. In the contrary, In Max by Menno Meyes, Hitler tells Max “Yes, they’re very intelligent people”,…show more content…
He came back from the war to absolutely nothing. A poor man with out family, food, or a place he could call home. “Listen Rothman, I’ve lost FOUR YEARS!” Hitler stated to Max. Max Rothman a Jew that came across Hitler and felt sorry for him understood Hitler. He himself had lost an arm in the War but unlike Hitler he came to a wealthy family, himself as a painter and now an art dealer for a living, a beautiful wife and children. He came back from the war with everything a man could ask for. Rothman though also came back to a Mistress, a German woman. This disgusted Hitler; he hated and had no respect for the mistress. This is where Hitler’s anger toward Jews slowly began. His passion for painting an artistic interest was greater than the bad he saw in Rothman, he looked over it. Focused on the idea that Rothman maybe able to help him show his painting to the world. Painting and art required money unfortunately. Hitler was offered a job from Captain Karl Mayr, to be a political speaker of anti-Semitic propaganda. After a first short speech he gave to a crowd, Captain Mayr realize the potential and anger Hitler had toward loosing the war, and blame the Jewish people for
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