Adolf Hitler Dialectical Journal

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Fighting Hitler The time period is world war II and four friends , Ben Kamm, April and Ethan and myself Dezirae are trying the bet the nazi soldiers. The setting is a Partisan forest camp and the forest. There is an conflict between us the partisan and the nazi soilder. One day me and my friends were at the camp and out of nowhere Ben Kamm came out of his tent walked through people and then stood up on a table and announces who he is bringing to go fight with. He was still calling some names he called my friend Ethan and then he called my name last. I was frozen for a second but friend Ethan pat my back. As me and other names were called, we walked up to him he told us the plan. As we were out there I and I think some others learned a lot of things while out there like how to…show more content…
“What are we going to do, now we only have 13 of us,” I declared “We can still make it,” Ben promised We went back to walking, and moments after the walk one of the teens walkie talkies went off and it was someone back from camp and they told us that the war was over. We all cheered some girls were crying tears of joy. “Oh,my the war ended,” I cried “Let 's go get the people back at camp,” Ben ordered We all walked very happy and excited to know what’s going to happen next. Moments later we got to the camp and we saw some people dead and some people crying. We go up to the people crying and they told us that the everyone was dead back at the ghetto. I felt my heart drop to my stomach, I fell on my knees and started balling my eyes out. I ran to the tent and Ethan tried to comfort me, but I was too busy thinking about my dad, if your wonder my mom left us when i was a baby so my dad took care of me. “Dezirae,” Ethan acknowledged. “What do you want,” I cried. “Please don 't cry you 're not the only one who lost a loved one,” Ethan Ranted. “My dad was the only one I had and now I lost him, I got no one,” I protested. “No your not, you got me just like I got you,” Ethan
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