Adolf Hitler During The Holocaust

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“We know that Germany will be free when the Jew has been excluded from the life of the German people”, according to Julius Streicher, who was the founder and publisher of the newspaper, Der Sturmer. Apparently, history repeated itself from the time of the Crusades to the time of the Holocaust since this thought from the Holocaust was like looking into a mirror from the Crusades. During the Holocaust, which was from 1933 until 1945, Hitler led Germany into war. His goal was to make the world exclusively the Aryan race. In order to do so, they tried to kill all of the Jews. Though they did not completely succeed, they killed six million Jews. Not only did they persecute many Jews, the Nazis killed Gypsies, and disabled kids, killing a total…show more content…
When Hitler was three, he and his family moved to Germany. Hitler and his father didn’t get along so well, and his father wanted him to focus on business rather than Hitler’s interest in art. At age 14 Hitler’s father died, only two years later he dropped out of school and moved back to Vienna. Two years later, his mother Klara, died. When Hitler applied to the Academy of Fine Arts school, he got rejected twice by a Jewish professor. With no money, or family, he had to move into a homeless shelter. When World War 1 started, Hitler applied to serve in the military, and served during the war and continued to serve after as an intelligence officer. Hitler monitored the activities of the German Worker’s Party, the DAP, which is the Nazi party and soon adopted many of the anti-Semitic ideas. Hitler’s turning point was on November 8, 1923, when Hitler and the SA barged into a public meeting at a beer hall containing 3,000 people. Hitler announced to everyone there that the formation of a new government is happening. Twenty people were killed at this event, called “Beer Hall Putsch”. Hitler was arrested three days later, and was in prison for a year. While he was in prison, he wrote the book “Mein Kampf”, meaning “My Struggle”, which was a book about his ideas of transforming Germany to one race only. When the Great Depression started in 1929, it opened a door for Hitler to become a political figure. He ran…show more content…
He made it known to everyone that the reason the economy isn’t great, is because of the Jewish people. Jews owned 150 private banks while non-Jews only owned 11 banks, Hitler used this example as a way of showing that Jews are greedy and needy of power. Hitler also said that the reason that Germany lost World War I was because of the Jews. Also, Germans made movies and magazines and textbooks for schools about how terrible Jews are. One of the books, Der Giftpilz, which means The Poisonous Mushroom, was about a boy and a mom who went out to the field to pick mushrooms. The mother shows the boy which mushrooms are poisonous and which aren’t, and she gives an analogy: “the good mushrooms to good people and the harmful mushrooms to bad people”, she goes on to say, “the most dangerous people are, of course, the Jews.” This children’s book was read in school, and every kid in Germany had the story instilled in their bones that Jews were “poisonous”. Besides books and movies, many high leaders spoke about the Jews in front of many audiences. Streichler, publisher Der Sturmer, declared in one of his speeches, “Jews want our people to
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