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Adolf Hitler was born in Branau in Austria in 1889. He later moved to Germany when he was only three years old. As a child Hitler disagreed with his father frequently because his father was mean and stern and who never approved of Hitler’s interests. The death of his father came as a relief to Hitler. On the other hand Hitler worshiped his mother and when she passed away in 1907, it was a very traumatic experience for him, which debatably led to many problems in his later life.
Today we all know Adolf Hitler to be a powerful leader who discriminated against the Jews, but there were other things that people never knew about him. He never had a sense of belonging, after his parent’s death and after being the most authoritative man in Germany, he was finally in control.
When the Great Depression began Hitler recognised this as a political opportunity. In 1932, Hitler competed against Von Hindenburg for presidency but came in second in both of the elections which resulted in Hitler being recognised as a strong force in German politics. Hindenburg had agreed to appoint Hitler as a chancellor to encourage political balance. Hitler took advantage of his position as a chancellor to form a de facto legal dictatorship. Hitler also planned a way for the Enabling Act, which would give his cabinet full legislative powers for at-least four years.
Having confirmed full control over the legislative and executive divisions of government, Hitler 's Nazi Party was acknowledged as the only

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