Adolf Hitler: How Did Hitler Rise To Power?

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How did Hitler rise to power? Adolf Hitler was the Nazi Germany leader from 1934 to 1945.many people know about what he did as rulers of Germany like Causing World War II put the Jews in conservation camps and the Millions of people who died from the Holocaust or from Hitler 's Army. how Hitler rise to power was Interesting as well. Hitler was a good speaker and motivator to encourage people to join a Nazi party. he also used propaganda to help people join his party. the way to Hitler Rise in power was quite unique because Germany needed a strong leader after them falling into the depression, Hitler getting status in the German Workers Party and how he control over the government.

After World War II Germany was destroyed with a huge bill to pay for the war, land getting taken from Germany, Germany Army being restricted to a smaller amount of people. Germany was bankrupt with it 's on money worthless. many of the German people felt humiliated Germany has become. The German people felt like their government was too weak. many of them wanted a stronger powerful government. this led to many groups like the German Walker 's party to start getting people together to run the government. Germany heard about this and send one of there spies named Adolf Hitler To go watch the group. Hitler was reporting back to the government about what they discuss.

Adolf Hitler found an interest in the group And join them. Hitler was a war world 1. He felt that Germany was
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