Adolf Hitler Impact

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“It 's always more difficult to fight against faith than against knowledge” said Adolf Hitler. This is a man who spent his time fighting against a faith. Disney promotes happiness and so a man who liked Disney didn’t promote happiness, instead he promoted evil. He is known as being the worst man who lived. Hitler was rejected from art schools more than once. To practice his speeches he would take pictures of him. Hitler was the one who killed 11 million Jews in the Holocaust. To understand the impact on people that Hitler had it’s important to know about his childhood, the wars he was involved in, and the many stories of his death. To begin, Hitler’s childhood started in 1889. His father saw him cry only once. In fact his father would whip him until he would stop. Later he dropped out of high school when he was 16 years old. For one thing, he thought that he didn 't need to learn because he had art to move him a long through life. After Adolf dropped out of school he enrolled in a merger art school, but they didn’t want him there because he didn’t get his high school diploma. A couple years later his mom died of a disease and her death made Adolf have depression (He was a mama’s boy). Hitler learned how to hold back his emotions from anyone because of his rough childhood. Secondly, the wars he was in impacted him. He was in World War I as a German soldier. It’s weird to hear someone who was a soldier in WWI started WWII. When he started killing Jews that 's when World War
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