Adolf Hitler In The Modern Era Essay

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How well do you know Adolf Hitler? Do you know where he was born and when? Do you know what county he take over? How about Joseph Stalin do you know anything about him? According to Hitler in the World History : The Modern Era it stated that Hitler was born in 1889 in Germany.(pg 552) Hitler was the main reason that a lot of Jews die. According to Stalin in the World History : The Modern Era it stated that Stalin used Karl Marx because he was for communism.(pg 542) According to Stalin in the World History : The Modern Era he use a Five Year Plans that aimed at building heavy industry,improving transportation,and increasing farm output.(pg 542) Hitler was a dictator of Germany. He and his supporters suspended civil rights, destroyed and the socialist and communists and disband other political parties.(pg 552) Germany became one party state. The…show more content…
(pg 544) All Soviet citizens were now well aware of the consequences of disloyalty. Stalin also sought no control of the hearts and minds of the Soviet citizens. ( pg 545) Hitler organized his suppliers into fighting squads. Nazi”storm troopers” fought in the street against their political enemies. (pg 552) Hitler thought that everyone should have blue eyes and blonde hair. Hitler did not care for the Jews at all.
Stalin goals was to make the artist and writers to create their work in a style of them. (pg 546) If they didn’t create their artwork they faced government persecution. Stalin wanted to make a national culture more Russian. (pg546) Stalin also believed in the belief that there was no god until there was an official state policy. (pg 547) Hitler promised to solve the economic crisis to restore Germany’s former greatness. (pg 551) Hitler made Germany become a Totalitarian State. Hitler attacks anyone who was against him like the British and France. When Germany invaded Poland that started War World
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