Adolf Hitler Killed Europe In The 1940's

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Antagonistic, destructive, savage, animalistic; all terms that could describe Adolf Hitler. Despite being a cruel leader, he was a brilliant manipulator and strategist. Hitler ravaged Europe in the 1940’s, destroying anything that stood in his way with brute force and took countless innocent lives. His intelligence is often cloaked by his evil persona but nevertheless Hitler was an exceptional leader during his reign of Nazi Germany. He was able to rekindle Germany into a great economy, he overcame the restrictions of the Treaty of Versailles and finally he almost succeeded in taking over all of Europe. His intelligence as a leader allowed him to accomplish these feats before Germany’s eventual fall in World War II. In 1929, the Great Depression…show more content…
Germany was relatively small in comparison to the other European countries, yet they managed to over a large portion of the continent. Hitler was an excellent speaker and used manipulation as a strategy when he would speak in front of the German people, he used his passion and words to control the citizens of Germany and worked them like his puppet. Hitler himself acknowledged his manipulation as he stated “I use emotion for the many and reserve reason for the few” he himself knew his raw emotion could control the masses to help him make Germany 's military motivated and powerful. Hitler was able to instill hate into the German people with his emotions and that hatred made Germany a stronger country. Also, another reason why Germany was so strong was because of their military advancements and Hitler made sure Germany was extremely well equipped with tanks and aircrafts that their assaults were very effective and Hitler himself knew this “Strength lies not in defence but in attack.” Hitler as a result of making his attacks devastative, was able to conquer a lot of Europe. His sieges of countries with Panesar tanks and the use of ballistic missiles and smart tactics made Germany’s onslaught incredibly strong and hard to
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