Adolf Hitler: The Dictator Of Germany

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One significant World War II leader, Adolf Hitler, was born on April 20, 1889, in Austria. When Hitler was an adolescent, he was very interested in art and wanted to become an artist (Robert 7). Hitler dropped out of high school at age sixteen, and he moved to Vienna, Austria whenever he was eighteen years old. In Vienna, Hitler attempted to enter the Academy of Fine Arts, but failed the entry exam twice. As a result, he made a small living by selling paintings. In 1913, Hitler left Vienna for Munich, Germany, where he joined the Bavarian military. After fighting through much of the duration of World War I, Hitler began his political career (Knapp, "Adolf Hitler: Dictator of Germany"). Hitler 's political work is what led him to his position as the dictator of…show more content…
Hitler made the military decisions for his country during the war, but he is perhaps most known for his role in the Holocaust. The Holocaust was "the systematic murder of 6 million Jews across Europe (Danzer et al. 542)." At first, Jewish people were restricted of their liberties through the Nuremberg Laws ("Holocaust Timeline"). After forcing many Jews to leave, only around 250,000 Jewish people remained in Germany; therefore, Hitler executed his Final Solution, which was "a policy of genocide, the deliberate and systematic murder of an entire population (Danzer et al. 544)." Jewish people were relocated to concentration, labor, and death camps. There, millions of Jews and other targeted groups were shot, starved, overworked, and gassed. Jews were the most victimized group in the Holocaust, but Hitler also targeted gypsies, Jehovah 's Witnesses, freemasons, and homosexuals (Danzer et al 548). By the end of the Holocaust, Hitler was responsible for over eleven million murders, six million being Jews and the other five million consisting of the other groups the Nazis targeted (Schwartz, "The Holocaust: Non-Jewish
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