Adolf Hitler: The Rise Of The Nazi Party

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Firstly, The Nazi party had a crucial role in the events of World War II due to their leader, Adolf Hitler. To begin Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, and fought for the German Army during the events of World War I. After the Germans defeat at the end of World War I Adolf joined the Nazi party and rose up the ranks with powerful speeches. “Anyone can deal with victory. Only the mighty can bear defeat.” (Goodreads 1). To add on, While Hitler was working his way to becoming the Chancellor of Germany he attempted to appeal to the poor or less fortunate to gain political control. Hitler used his speeches to speak out against the Treaty of Versatility which he found degrading to the German people, gaining him immense notoriety. After Hitler and the Nazi party failed to follow through with the Beer Hall Putsch Hitler and many other Nazi’s were arrested. During Hitler 's nine months of incarceration, he wrote his famous book Mein Kampf Which explains Hitler 's struggle and future plans for Germany. In conclusion, Hitler 's life was intense and patriotic to the German way,…show more content…
Hitler soon joined the group after it was founded and quickly rose up the ranks with his powerful and captivating speeches. After Hitler was released from prison after the failed Beer Hall Putsch he brought the Nazi party to new heights and began to bases its ideals on racial beliefs. With his Captivating speeches, Hitler and the Nazi party won the 1925 election leading to the Nazi party 's immense control over Germany and its citizens. Because if its great popularity in Germany the Nazi party gained an immense following from 27,000 members in 1925 to 108,000 members in 1929. In conclusion, the rise of the Nazi party was large to do with Hitler and his ideals, for if not for his captivating speeches and racial believes the Nazi party would have been a name lost in
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