How Did Adolf Hitler's Rise To Power

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September 3 1939 marks the beginning of one of the most deadly wars known to mankind, World War 2. Involving six out of the seven continents, killing more than 45 million people and creating one of the most known men in mankind, Adolf Hitler. This essay will analyse “the methods used and the conditions which helped in the rise to power of one ruler of a single-party state. (Hitler)”. Adolf Hitler used chaos, violence, propaganda and a crippled government to make himself the Führer of Germany.

By the end of 1932, six million people were out of work. In despair more and more people were attracted to political parties, who appeared to offer a simple solution to the growing problem. Many joined the communist party however many started to march under the banner of the nazi political party. A party looking for a scapegoats to attack,
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Hitler used his stormtroopers, also known as "SA", to carry voices onto the streets creating chaos and violence. However this suited Adolf Hitler's purpose to create chaos and more turmoil in the street. as it meant more Germans would be likely to vote for a strong leader. With this he was able to gain more and more support meanwhile Hitler took care to appeal to all sections of the German society. “It wasn’t the intellectuals who gave me the courage to start this huge task. It was from two classes alone: the German farmers and workers" a speech given by Hitler to attract more support from the working class. With the middle class, Hitler used the fear of communism and the prospect of economic ruin. Hitler tried to appeal to the whole of Germany
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