Adolf Hitler Thesis

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Adolf Hitler’s childhood and young adult years had a sequence of unfortunate events that led him to develop a hatred for the Jews. On April 20, 1889, Adolf was brought into the world by his mother, Klara, and his father, Alois, near the German border in Braunau, Austria (Mishra). Alois, despite his rejection in society due to his illegitimate birth and underprivileged beginnings, worked his way up to an acceptable position in society from exceptionally poor beginnings (Weinberg). Klara was an Austrian gentlewoman who had an early death due to cancer (Weinberg). The doctor that was trying to heal Klara was Jewish, but despite his race, Hitler was appreciative for the care that the doctor provided because he had not yet developed a detestation towards the Jews (Weinberg). Hitler was schooled as a young boy, but he did not finish his high school education because he moved to Vienna, Austria, when he was 18 and attempted to get into the arts academy (Weinberg). Instead he was rejected, and his rejection into the arts academy left him with ample time to ponder his political and racial views (Weinberg). It is in Vienna, where Hitler’s racist and anti-Semitic ideas began to formulate (Weinberg). In addition, Hitler studied German politician’s methods and ideas in his free time, and because of this studying, Hitler learned how to please the people, the democratic process, and he developed an abhorrence towards the Slavic people. When Hitler found out that he was going to be forced
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