Vlad The Impaler And Adolf Hitler Comparison

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One of the most important parts of a strong, independent country is the leader who stands at the tip of the governmental hierarchy. This person has the potential to either lead a country into a blissful period of wealth, riches, and happiness or, a twisted road full of doubt, hatred, and fear. Out of these two, the latter is seen to be the most memorable in history. A perfect example of this kind of leader is Adolf Hitler who sparked the events of World War 2 and massacred millions of Jews. Similar figures exist in history with similar motivation, to create fear and obtain power with no remorse for human lives. People like Vlad the Impaler or Genghis Khan who are remembered by their ruthless nature along with high body counts. Both of these…show more content…
In the Holocaust, Hitler “…made it clear he will annihilate all Jews…” and that he would stop when every Jew was killed (Wiesel 80). This certain hatred toward the Jews prompted millions of lives to be lost with Hitler giving no consideration to newborns and children. His cold, dark heart had no room for sympathy or remorse, being that one of his twisted goals was to murder every Jew he could. Additionally, Vlad the Impaler got the nickname of “Dracula” for his bloodlust and cruel methods of dealing with people that did him wrong. Vlad was known to have his victims “disemboweled, beheaded and skinned or boiled alive” whenever he often saw fit. He was a man who some say, thirsted for blood, which is definitely true given his brutal, unforgiving nature. His actions directly parallel with Hitler’s in a way that is both unsightly and inhumane, and both men’s’ lives seemed to revolve around death. Finally, there is Genghis Khan who, even for his time, was a murderous machine. Even though he may have not killed in the most brutal methods, the number of deaths he was responsible for was astronomical for those times. This one man was responsible for reducing “the entire world population by as much as 11 percent,” by massacring people to make an example of them, or to take whatever Khan wanted. Khan’s life was undoubtedly focused around death and misery; with the sheer number of killings he is responsible for taking a toll on the human population. The similarities of no emotional impact of killing and countless deaths are given for both, Khan and Adolf, revealing that their lives may not have been so
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