Adolf Hitler's Achievements

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Hitler’s leadership was very important for Germany and the world. We know how much influence and power this person had and how successful he was. In this research, we are going to learn how did Hitler it achieved his objectives and how his achievements meant a lot, not only for Germany but for Europe. Hitler
The German Worker’s Party (DAP) was found by Gottfried Feder, Anton Drexler, and Dietrich Eckart after WWI. According to “The History place” in September 1919 Hitler was sent to investigate this small German group in Munich known as the Germans Workers’ Party. Immediately people heard him talk and surprised by his talent. Hitler was a charismatic leader, he was not a normal politician, he had a special connection with the audience.
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The Enabling Act was signed 24th March 1933, this was very important to him, the Enabling Act gave him all the power to pass laws without having to ask the Reichstag. The Reichstag had to be involved in Hitler’s decisions, Hitler had the responsibility to inform the all the decisions took, but the Reichstag did not have the right to oppose or contradict Adolf. In theory, laws passed by Hitler still required presidential approval, but Hindenburg was an elder, he was sick and unhealthy due to his conditions he stopped accomplishing his labor as president. As a result, Hitler had the entire decision and. the last word, this was very important for him, he was able to make laws without no one’s opposition, he was the real leader now. (marked by…show more content…
It staged street demonstrations, intimidated and attacked opponents of the Nazis, and played a crucial role in Hitler’s rise to power. Until 1934, it was the largest organization within the Nazi Party.In 1933, the SA pushed for immediate action against the Jews. It was the leading force behind the economic boycott of Apr. 1, 1933. Hitler was determined to bring this unruly organization under control. (History 323/The Holocaust) Founded in 1925, the “Schutzstaffel,” German for “Protective Echelon,” initially served as Nazi Party leader Adolf Hitler’s (1889-1945) personal bodyguards, and later became one of the most powerful and feared organizations in all of Nazi Germany. Heinrich Himmler (1900-45), a fervent anti-Semite like Hitler, became head of the Schutzstaffel or SS, in 1929 and expanded the group’s role and size. (History/The SS)
The Gestapo (Geheime Staatspolizei) was Nazi Germany’s feared secret police force. The Gestapo’s main purpose was to punish and look for those considered a threat to Nazi Germany. By the time World War Two started these included Jews, Communists, Jehovah's Witnesses, homosexuals, etc. basically anyone who could intrude with what he believed in. After the outbreak of World War Two, the work of the Gestapo covered Occupied Europe where it had two main tasks. The first was to hunt out Jews and other ‘Untermenschen’ while the second was to tackle the
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