Adolf Hitler's Chaarismatic Leader

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Adolf Hitler
Understanding how individuals become successful leaders in their chosen field has always been a subject of various researches and studies. In many studies, various leadership characteristics are identified and categorized in order to provide an easier interpretation of leadership styles and techniques. One of the most popular among the types of leadership styles is the charismatic leadership. Weber (1968) conceptualized the theory on charismatic leadership as referring to the ability of the leader to use his charisma, which acts as a magnet to gain followership. A charismatic leader has the ability to transform innovative concepts into common and socially acceptable ideas by attaching values in it that people would easily understand and believe as true (Fiol, et al, 1999). Many popular leaders such as Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi, among others, were said to have utilized charismatic leadership style to gain followership to their individual causes.
Adolf Hitler was considered by many as a notorious killer and oppressor of civil rights. His style of leadership is described as charismatic and dictatorial in nature because he believed that he is the only savior of his country. Hence, his charisma to the people was showed during his public speeches and meetings. Uneducated but well-read, he developed his career from an idle youth to one of the most powerful leaders in Germany. He manipulated the government by his backstabbing strategies and political campaigns. He
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