Adolf Hitler's Inevitable Tactics In World War One

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When people think of Adolf Hitler, they think of World War 2 and cruelty towards Jewish people, in other words, torture. He was certainly extremely vile, as he proved in the devastating Holocaust, but he had some devious tactics for gaining power and a vast colony. Hitler was, in some ways, a tactical genius. Today I will share with you some of his apparently unbeatable tactics. Hitler had many goals since being a soldier in Germany’s loss of World War 1. One of them was to retrieve some of the lost territories from their disaster in the first world war. He decided to start by attacking Poland. This is when he first tested his tactic, ‘blitzkrieg’. It was designed to cause disorganisation in the enemy. Hitler’s army charged through the countryside, using strong fire such as jet planes, tanks, and artillery. The siege was successful and as blitzkrieg worked so well, Hitler decided to try it again. The next targets were Belgium and France. They repeated the storm on Poland by easily wiping out the Belgians. The French army could only provide little…show more content…
In 1938, Hitler was heard saying that every general was either cowardly or senseless. He believed that all of the victories claimed by Germany, were his, and his alone. He announced that his generals were over cautious and incapable. Hitler had a huge reliance on instinct. If he had an idea, he would put it forward before even thinking it through. This is one of the reasons that the Germans did not have constant success in WW2. He was inexperienced and was not all knowledgeable in military planning. He did not accept any thought out plans, or serious effort. When the war was near it’s end, he commanded that no battalion move without his permission, and demanded long reports on the loss of his soldiers and artillery. His commanders would ask him to create a superior realistic plan, but they had no success at
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