Adolf Hitler's Influence On The Holocaust

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Have you ever wondered or thought about which laws were the main cause of the horrors that we now know of the Holocaust? During 1933 one very powerful man came to power known as Adolf Hitler. The Holocaust was all started by Hitler because he thought that everyone should take on the characteristics of the “pure” or “Aryan” race. This one man was one of Europe’s most powerful leaders killing up to six million Jews forty million people. There are several laws that led to one of the world’s worst events, the Holocaust. One law that had a major impact on the Holocaust was the requirement of all Jews to wear a yellow star, the star of David. The Jews were required to wear this star because the Nazi’s needed a way to identify who was Jewish and who was not. In addition, the Jews were only allowed to go to certain places and they were also told what time they were allowed to be in that certain place. Another law that had a major impact on the Holocaust was the Jews rights as German citizens. The Jewish people were stripped…show more content…
Since Hitler wanted everyone to be like the “pure” or Aryan race he created the Nuremberg laws which are the strict laws that eventually led to the Holocaust. By Hitler creating these laws it deprived the Jews as being German citizens. In the World War II Timeline it states “the Nuremberg laws are passed in Germany, stripping Jews of their rights as German citizens.” They were no longer permitted to work in certain professions and were forbidden to marry anyone of the “pure” or Aryan race . In “The Holocaust” “Nazi ideology” it states “...banned Jews from many professions, and prevented Jews from marrying those they considered Aryan or “pure” Germans.” This law had a tremendous part leading to the Holocaust because it restricted the Jews from having rights and it led to Hitler telling them what they could and could not
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