Adolf Hitler's Controversial Leaders

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We chose Adolf Hitler for our project because of his somewhat controversial leadership. It is no great secret that as a dictator he will go down as one of the most infamous political faces the world has ever seen. While the name Adolf itself is not banned there is a restrictive law on first names in Germany " in order to protect the child, the name must not be absurd or degrading in any way" but the registry office would strongly encourage you to rethink and ponder what it would do to your child. That is testament enough, unpopular name for and unpopular Austrian guy, although Joseph is still going strong and look what Stalin was up to........( just saying) ( if anyone laughs thats a good start)

Many would argue that his heinous crimes against
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He brought through an idea that never again would such devastation occur and that Germany would once again be a super power within Europe and he was determined to be the person to achieve this. It gave people hope, he motivated and nurtured these thoughts although ultimately he wanted to command personally, the authority rested with him and extended downwards. It is undeniable that Adolf Hitler had and authoritarian leadership style, as with dictators this is almost always the case, fuelled by a want of as much power as is possible. In leadership terms, his ability to exert passion and enthusiasm such as Hitler did for his adopted country were a huge factor in his rise to power. He was a brilliant orator, gaining feverish publicity for his patriotism and national pride for a country he wasn't born in, his extreme conviction for Germany and uncertain belief in the countries resources in an uncertain period gave people a lasting impression, they bought into his vision of a greater race and were under no illusions of his mission or abilities as a leader during his rise. This was evident when during the elections in 1932 the party became the overall controlling political party in Germany with Hitler as leader, having originally tried and failed to overthrow the previous…show more content…
It is imperative to have vision when trying to succeed in business or any other aspects in life and that was a quality he possessed when trying to restore in his mind the outlook on the preception of Germany after the war when he felt they subsequently were stabbed in the back when the government surrendered. He felt they needed to take a stand and be restored to its former glory which he achieved in many respects, they were the driving force in Europe during the war. He was quite charismatic in his approach to public speaking, people listened, people followed, and leaders need
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