Adolf Hitler's Operation Market Garden

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On December 7, 1941, The United States was attacked at Pearl Harbor by Japan. At this time, the United States was not in World War II but shortly after the attack they would declare war on Japan. The United States joined Allied forces to fight the German Army before they would take their fight against Japan. On June 6, 1944, Americans and Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy. The invasion of Europe to defeat the German Army had begun. America was successful in battles against German forces and would continue to push forward towards Germany. The German Commander, Adolph Hitler, did not anticipate the Allied forces being able to push the German Army back so quickly. Slowly but surely, the Allied forces were pushing back the German Army which was making the German commander very frustrated. Hitler knew he would need to come up with a plan to push back or split Allied forces. In September of 1944, the United States conducted Operation Market Garden, which was a failure and resulted in the…show more content…
The German Army used this type of battle strategy to easily defeat the French Army earlier in the war. Hitler planned to move units into position without being detected toward the Ardennes Forest. Hitler used the codename “Watch the Rhine” as a code to build up forces for the offensive attack (Wientraub, S., 2007). The German Army would send many confusing radio text to keep the Allies confused and secretly moved soldiers into battle positions. The German Army was able to sabotage the Allied forces by sending English speaking German soldiers wearing American uniforms into the ranks to cut communication lines, which caused confusion in the city. After the undetected movement of units, the Germany Army had positioned approximately eighteen infantry division of two hundred fifty thousand soldiers and two thousand five hundred tanks and self-propelled guns ready for battle (Unknown,

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