Adolf Mestermann The Devil's Legacy Analysis

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Introducing Buddy Burke
Connecticut State Marshall

By Peggy Jean Cramer
A sincere, very special, thank you goes to Carl Reiner and AuthorHouse for launching my imagination for fiction writing. The adventure began in May 2013 when they selected my entry, Adolf Meistermann: The Devil’s Legacy, as the winner of their Novel Beginnings writing contest. Carl Reiner wrote the first chapter introducing two main characters, Adolf Meistermann and his son, Matt, laying the ground work for a murder. Since I did not expect to win, I ended the story about a half hour before the contest deadline, ran Spell Check, and turned it in. However, the characters have more of their story to tell. This book is their sequel.
No book is written in a vacuum. I want to thank the support system that encourages me to keep writing, proofreads my draft manuscripts, and supports my book signings. Because Carl Reiner wrote the forward for the first book, I did not get to acknowledge all those who helped me with the publishing of Adolf Meistermann: The Devil’s Legacy. Sheryl Haag and Carolyn Hallin proofread the pre-print manuscript and gave me valuable feedback. For both books, Judy Roberts and Hilda Roberts, neighbors and friends, corrected grammar and typos and gave constructive suggestions. Rose Ann Perry edited with a sharp eye for punctuation and sentence structure. And, thank you to my friends who sat with me at my signings,

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