Adolfo Bioy Casares Research Paper

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Adolfo Bioy Casares, (Born September 15, 1914, Buenos Aires, Argentina died on March 8, 1999, Buenos Aires). It is "Argentine writer, one of the most prominent authors of the universal fantasy literature". He also wrote his first story at the age of seven years and was the only child of his parents, "Adolfo Bioy Casares and Marta." Adolfo was the son of "a wealthy landowner, and his wife, Marta Casares. He spent his childhood in both the city and the family ranch in the province of Buenos Aires. As an imaginative child, Bioy Casares found the night sky, the images of the dead, and mirrors are gateways to a wonderful reality. "Not only this but Casares also wrote many more stories in his lifetime and ' ' Bioy he won several awards,
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