Adonis: A Fictional Narrative

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Harry and Mick burst out the bathroom door and ran down the oral sex path. The lonely Adonis winked and continued to spin himself, standing on tip-toe to make sure it didn 't hit the ground. “Room for two,” he said with a wink. Harry regarded him anguish as he ran. He raised his hands above his head and shook them much like a pair of cat burglar snakes descending onto the shoulders of Venus De Milo. “Run! The pissesrs have lost it! They 're mad!” Mick nodded and turned a cartwheel for good luck and extra speed. “Too right! And that low-riding lady boy Shaleenda is in on the whole thing!” All sexual activity ceased as they ran through the hall. The only sound was their footfalls: no dramatic music blared in the music to punctuate their…show more content…
Mick and Harry battled in the bathroom while Shaleenda stroked Florence 's side. Empathy filled her/his mind as she regarded the miserable, soulless toilet. It had done its duty for years and years and had never had so much as a thanks. And then it sneezes and loses it soul. An absolutely miserable day for a creature of its stature. Without knowing why, Shaleenda reached into her/his purse and dug until she found some pepper. Her/his job as a book cover fitter simply didn 't provide her/him with enough cash to buy pepper spray, so pepper had to do in a self defense pinch. And then, again without really understanding her end game, she sprinkled pepper above the other urinals in a line. One by one, they sneezed and came to life, their souls fleeing them and joining Florence 's up in the corner. They blinked in anger, realizing that their essence, their very being, had been snatched from them. With a wink at Florence, Shaleenda pointed to Mick and Harry. “They did it. They stole your souls. And I 'm here to help.” Empathetic energy linked them and deceived them into believing her story. Without a word, they swore eternal allegiance to Shaleenda. Power. For the first time in her/his life, she/he had power And she/he was
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