Adoption: An Argument Against Abortion

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In the 1970’s, abortion became a worldwide issue. While some people wanted women to have a choice on whether to terminate their pregnancy or not, others believed it was murder to terminate a developing, unborn child. Although the debates have settled down, abortion is still a controversial topic. Abortion is taking the life from another human being and it should be illegal worldwide. Many people believe abortion should be legal because it is a part of women’s rights. Women deserve a right to privacy, and abortion is a big part of that. The phrase that most of these people use is “pro-choice.” The members of pro-choice believe that it should always be the woman’s choice on whether or not to terminate their pregnancy. People believe this way…show more content…
All of the upcoming expenses begin to stress them out, and they start looking for the easiest way out. These new parents weigh the options, and they come to believe that abortion is the easiest option, but little do they know that adoption is safer, better, and cheaper than an abortion. How is an adoption safer? What if the child ends up with negligent parents? An abortion is taking away the life of an innocent, unborn child while an adoption is giving the child a better home. Whether the parents are negligent or not, at least the child is receiving a chance at life. Another benefit of adoption is the cost. Putting a child up for adoption is at no cost, and the pregnancy related expenses, such as medical and living expenses, are paid for by the adopting family. On the other hand, abortion can cost quite a bit of money. Abortion prices can range anywhere from $500 to $2000 dollars (Adoption). Adoption is cheaper and safer, therefore it is the better…show more content…
Human rights, the choice of adoption, and Post Abortion Syndrome are three good examples on why abortion should be illegal. The unborn child deserves to have a chance at life just as much as any other human being. Whether the child grows up with the birth family or an adoptive family, the child is still experiencing life rather than death. Why have an abortion when in the end it could cause the mother more damage than happiness? Before having an abortion all women should consider the advantages, disadvantages, and possible side effects very carefully. In the end, the woman may possibly realize the mistake she

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