Adoption Laws Protect-And Hurt By Lorraine Dusky: Article Analysis

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In Lorraine Dusky’s article, Adoption Laws Protect -- And Hurt, she tells the story of being a young mother: “When I surrendered my daughter to adoption nearly five decades ago, I was a fearful, teary young woman, desperate to keep my identity secret. I’d quit my job and gone into hiding - even my family didn’t know. I was one of the millions of women who relinquished their children during what has become known as the Baby Scoop Era - from the end of World War II to the mid 70’s when the shame of unwed pregnancy all but dictated that while, middle-class women like myself give up their babies.” This mother’s story shows that many fearful women give up their children for adoption. Once Dusky gave them up, she wanted her identity secret and wanted no one to know who she was. Keeping herself hidden may have made her feel better, but what about her children? Would they ever know who their real parents were? Should they know who and where they came from? Even though some may say that adoptees should not have the right to know their biological parents, many argue that adoptees…show more content…
Regardless, adoptees should have the right to know their biological parents because of medical history. According to Psychology Today, a little boy tells the story of finding his biological mom. “Initially, bio mom was reluctant to speak with me. The private investigator said she was afraid that I was looking for money. But after convincing her that I was more interested in my medical chart than her portfolio, bio mom allowed me to charm her” (Psychology Today 1). Many biological parents may think their children only want to know them or meet them for silly reasons. Honestly, most children just need some information about their medical history. Children may need that information to know if there are any medical issues than run in the family or may just simply need to know what has gone on in the

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