Adoption Persuasive Speech Outline

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1. Hook / Lead Sentence
If someone were to ask you to name your family members, what would you say? Let’s say you were unable to bear your own children, would you then mention how you became a parent? You most likely wouldn’t mention it at all because you consider the child be your own.
2. Preview main points you will use to support thesis and will discuss in Body Paragraphs
a) Surrogacy vs. Adoption: What is surrogacy/adoption?
b)Surrogacy vs. Adoption: Genetic/Emotional Ties to the child
c) Surrogacy vs Adoption: How expensive are they in comparison to the other?
3. Thesis Sentence
Although surrogacy goes to the extreme to provide a biological child and adoption brings a baby into the family who has no genetic relation, both have the same end result.

II. Body:

1. Topic Sentence (1 comprehensive and complete sentence that deals with 1
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Topic Sentence (1 comprehensive and complete sentence that deals with 1 topic only)
Unlike surrogacy, adoptive parents do not always have the option of a unborn child.
a) With adopting you can become a parent by adopting from someone you know, through a currently pregnant stranger, through an agency, or even adopting children from a spouse’s previous marriage. Intended parents, similarly to surrogacy intended parents, come to this decision after realizing that they cannot conceive on their own. These children will not be genetically related to their new parents but they will be wanted all the same.
b) With most adoptions you have a genetic history of the parents of your new child, and in some cases, you have no background information. You accept this child into your family with only the notion that you are going to love them no matter what their DNA says. Unlike surrogacy, your child may look nothing like you. Your child may even be a different race which can bring on unwanted questions or stares. Most of these children are adopted through county foster or adoption programs, which keeps the cost of adoption
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