The Pros And Cons Of Same Sex Adoption

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Adoption is typically an option that is thought about when the process of conceiving a biological child is out of the question. For some couples it may be infertility, potential hereditary health problems, or that carrying a child would be dangerous to the mother and unborn child. Those are just some issues that would cause a heterosexual couple to contemplate the idea of adopting a child, but what about couples of the same-sex? Same-sex couples do not have the means to reproduce together so many opt for adoption, which sounds easy, but typically is not. Adoption is a long and hard drawn out process for any couple, but for couples that are of the same-sex, they typically get the shorter end of the stick. Most people believe that for a child …show more content…

When people talk about the homosexual life style, typically the first thing that follows is how it is against the religion of many, which then leads people to deny the idea of ever letting a same-sex couple adopt a child. Though in their religion it may be wrong to live “that lifestyle”, who is to say whose religion or belief is wrong or right. Not all people live their lives in a religious way and due to this, sometimes the idea of religion should be removed from the situation so that another point of view can be seen. Another reason same-sex adoption is seen so negatively is because of the idea that a child must have both a mother and father in their lives to be happy and healthy(Fitzgibbons). This perspective is one that seems to be the biggest problem for most people when it comes to the idea of a same-sex couple adopting a child. Even though this may be an important idea to many people, there are multiple studies that have been done that prove that just because there is not both a mother and father present does not mean that the child will necessarily suffer. Lastly there are simply some people who do not really have a valid reason for standing against same-sex adoption, other than the fact that it is something they are just not used to. For these people if they would step out of the box for a second and look at how beneficial it would be for the children in foster care if same-sex couples had a better chance at adopting or even fostering, then maybe they would realize how positive the impact would

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