Adoption Vs Abortion Research Paper

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Should Adoption or Abortion Be More Readily Available in America? The argument of abortion vs. adoption has been a lingering soft spot for many Americans. All throughout history, people have argued about whether or not abortion is ethical and should be legal. According to FindLaw, the court case Roe v. Wade ruled in a 7-2 vote and made abortion legal in 1973. Although many people are not happy with this decision, this is what the courts decided, so it is the reality of the situation. Due to factors such as cost, emotional consequences, and physical consequences, abortion should be the last case scenario. Following research, it can be concluded that adoption should be more readily available in America than abortion. “Adoption allows a birthparent to continue with her life, finish school and achieve other goals while knowing that her baby is being cared for. Adoptive children can grow up knowing they are in a stable home with a permanent family” (Brannagan n.p.).…show more content…
They describe it as “the decision of a lifetime.” This source explains that when a mother is pregnant and the father is not involved, there are are many options, but they stress adoption or abortion. This source also compares and contrasts adoption and abortion; they compare them in the sense that one will be free to pursue goals and will not have to be tied down with the responsibilities of a baby. This source also contrasts the two in the sense that if the mother chooses adoption, she can rest assure knowing the baby has a loving mother and father who will take care of him or her. Also, the biological mother can feel good about her self because she gave the gift of life to a couple who desperately wanted it. They contrast this to Abortion by stating that if the mother chooses abortion, she may feel sad or empty instead of feeling fulfilled, she will always remember the event as something tragic. (Abortion Facts
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