Adora Svitak's Rhetoric Analysis

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From the forerunners of world renown business to Nobel Prize winners and influential peacekeepers, the Ted stage has been home to millions of successful individuals. For famous faces and transformative youth alike, the Ted stage has created a powerful way to spread global messages. Taking the stage, 12-year-old Adora Svitak has ambitions to change the world. Invention as stated as by Laurie L. Haleta is the speaker’s resources and ability to influence the audience (pg. 148). Using ethical and emotional proof, the young Ted Talk presenter was able to convey an important and lasting message to millions of adults. Not only was Adora well informed about her subject matter, Adora had plenty of evidence and logical reasoning in order to support her arguments. The second Canon of Rhetoric can be described as arrangement. Arrangement is…show more content…
As explained on page 148 of Public Speaking Strategic Choices by Laurie L. Haleta, delivery pertains to the skills featured throughout one’s speech. While Adora seemed confident and rehearsed, she allowed her performance anxiety to control her overall delivery. Over the duration of her presentation, Adora Svitak fell victim to repetitive gestures, distractive pacing, and nervous habits. In addition, Adora’s use of stapled full size papers hindered her overall message as the action added to a floppy and disorganized delivery. Along the side of her full size paper, Adora used visual aid. However, small flaws within the duration of the slide show reflected the presentation negatively. In order to effectively use a presentation within a speech setting, Adora Svitak needed to use the slides as constant enforcing agent for each main point of her outline. Nevertheless, Adora was an incredible speaker with a transformative impact on the audience. Her overall message had the influence to discredit the age gap between generations and open the hearts and minds of
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