All Is Lost Movie Analysis

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Top 25 Adrenalin Pumping Action Films
Seeing a great action flick is like getting a shot of adrenaline directly to your veins. Creating this feeling takes skill on the part of the director and the rest of the filmmaking crew.

Scenes need to be shot at awesome angles, and battles and chases need to be depicted in nuanced ways. Fights need to be choreographed to be amazing yet realistic.

The audience is gripped by the growing tension. They are lifted out of their daily realities, and lost for those hours, within the movie.

If you’ve got some free time on your hands and need to disappear into an intense thriller, check out this adrenaline-pumping list of flicks.
25. “Bad Boys II” (2003) Figure 1:
Martin Lawrence. Will Smith.
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“All Is Lost” (2013) Figure 6:
This is a different kind of action film. It's not fistfights and shootouts. In “All Is Lost”, it’s man versus nature.

JC Chandor is stranded at sea in a sinking boat. In this harrowing ride, he battles with nature and the vessel as he steers it to civilization. It’s a lonely film, artfully shot, and gripping from start to finish.
19. “Elite Squad” (2007) Figure 7:
Jose Padilha shoots this film. The Brazilian director’s prior work includes a “Robocop” remake and Netflix’s “Narcos.” He’s the perfect person to direct “Elite Squad”, which follows the BOPE police unit.

This is a special forces group specializing in urban warfare in Brazil’s favelas. It’s shot in handheld-style, like an insider’s view of the inner power struggles of the unit. It also captures the war BOPE wages on the country’s urban poor.

“Elite Squad” won the Golden Bear at the Berlin Film Festival, so put it on your list. It does have a sequel, but that movie doesn’t make the cut for this list.

18. “Sleepless Night” (2011) Figure 8:
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