Adrian Blizzard: A Short Story

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In Texas Adrian Blizzard comes out of his school, Seven Lakes High School, just finished his last class of the day. He is 19 years old because he failed last year. He is so scared because his dad is crazy and tomorrow is death day. He was so scared that he carries a gun everywhere he goes.
He is walking to his home and he is really scared. He is almost home and he can see his dad with a knife on the deck. Adrian slowly walks to the house with a gun in his hand and he says to his dad, “hey dad, what are you doing with that knife?” His dad says back to him, “oh your mom bought a turkey and I was just cutting it up.” Adrian believed him but was still a little suspicious. He put the gun in his belt by his back and kept it ready to grab.
The next day he went on the couch and he turned on his family iPad. When he turned
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Adrian dodged the knife and the knife went flying into the wall. The dad was furious. He ripped the knife out of the wall and started to chase his son again. As his dad came around the corner Adrian had the gun pulled and aimed just after the door. His dad pretending to come out of the door so Adrian shot. He missed and his dad came out of the door and just before he stabbed Adrian he stopped and said, “I forgot your brother!” Jeff went downstairs and he went to his sons room and grabbed him.
Later that day Jeff had lit some garbage in the incinerator. He brought his son to the incinerator and used chain, so it didn't burn, and tied him to it. His son started to scream as the incinerator slowly burnt him. He went back to Adrian and Adrian tried to shoot him. He hit him in the foot but his dad had steel toes boots on. He pretended to hit the ground in pain but really he was perfectly fine. Adrian walked up to him to say his final words before he shot his dad in the head when his dad stabbed Adrian in the stomach and carved in his forehead, “Happy Death Day Adrian, From

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