Room Division Operations Management Case Study

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Rooms Division Operations Management
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Organizational chart of Adrian Hotel

Job description of the front office manager
The front office manager is one of the most important jobs in the hotel, it is the manager’s work to directly supervise all the staff of the front office department, and also make sure that the delegated duties of the staff are completed.
Some of the normal duties and responsibilities of the front office manager are as follows:
• Forecasts room occupancy as the requirement of the establishment.
• Responsible for the maintenance of master key control.
• Reviews and completes
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Job Description of Executive housekeeper:

The executive housekeeper is the head of the housekeeping department of any hotel. His top most responsibility is to upkeep al the guest rooms and the public areas of the property. He is also responsible for the supervision of the employees , hires and fires any staff directly, does all planning and also assigns work ,trains fresh recruits, also inspects the housekeeping requisition supplies and audits them and also responsible for taking care of budget and controlling the budget for the department.

Some of the normal duties and responsibilities of an executive housekeeper are as follows:
• Ensure that rooms are made as per company standard.
• Formulate the yearly budget for housekeeping.
• Maintain all the reports for the management’s information and understanding.
• Design all housekeeping policies and procedures .
• Manage inventories of all the accounts and the general store for fixed assets, uniform and all the linen.
• Implement all the systems and the procedures of housekeeping department.
• Keep track of guest and cleaning supplies, linen and uniform par stock
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• Keep uptodate records of equipments and the systems of the hotel.
• Ensure that the materials and the equipments are working properly on a daily basis.
• Make sure proper training is gien to all the employees on equipments used in the facility.
• Train staff in evacuation and emergency situations and procedures according to hotel policy. Job description of a front office receptionist:

The front office receptionist is the face of the hotel ,he/ she is the first person who the guests meet in a hotel and sometimes the last too. Regardless of it being an entry level position, it requires a whole lot of skill to perform the duties of the position.
Some of the normal duties and responsibilities of a front office receptionist are as follows:
• Welcome the guest as they enter the area.
• Enquire for a earlier booking.
• Commence the registration process and ask for valid identification and make sure all the credentials are correct.
• Handle check ins and check outs in proper fashion.
• Take and transfer calls and operate switchboard
• Administer correct accounts for rooms and calculate bills and complete payments.
• Make reservations through telephones , email and in person as

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