Case Study Of Adrian's Insurance

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Adriana’s Insurance

Adriana’s Insurance Overviews
The name of the company is the name of the founder of the company herself Adriana Gallardo. There are over 50 offices of The Adriana’s Insurance over the California State with the founder residing herself in the office at Glendora California. Established for money than 2 decades, The Company is also looking forward to establish other of its branch offices as well in other states of the country. The company has already had their license of selling the auto insurance in Arizona, Utah, Nevada and Illinois along with it Texas has even got the permission selling all types of insurance there.
The Major products that are provided by the company includes Auto Insurance, Classic Car Insurance, Motorcycle
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People have reviewed on both the pros and cons of the company. They have pointed out some of the areas where the company fails to satisfy its customers. And people have also suggested their opinions on how the company can improve to meet their needs of satisfactions etc.
Customers seem to like the services provided at Adriana’s Insurance. People have reviewed on how their DMV registration had went smoothly at a lower cost. They also seem to like the responsive behavior of the staffs in the company. The agents are also very knowledgeable and friendly. They have much experience on the insurance business that is why they can sort out any kinds of the problems that the clients are facing regarding the insurance business. They also help their clients in all the procedure involved in an insurance process.
People seem to have had great experience with Adriana’s Insurance Company that is why they have recommended about the company in their reviews so that the site visitors may get to know about the company and get benefited from it. Several discounts are also provided to the customers on buying certain insurance
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They’ve mentioned that the staffs at Adriana’s Insurance Company are very rude and don’t respond properly in phone calls. They have complained the company to be a fraud and a way to get money from other people. One of them has posted about the company’s fake promises. The way they say and the way they do are different. It wasn’t fair for the customer when he had said that the company totally ignored the rightful money that the client had to deserve as for he had his car insured in the company but the company took that lightly and didn’t become responsive when they had to pay their

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